Lamar Odom May Have Already Burned His Bridges With The Lakers


Former Lakers coach and NBA legend, Phil Jackson did not hold back when talking to TMZ about player Lamar Odom.

Yesterday, Jackson said that despite an interest in the general well being of the former Lakers forward, it is unlikely that he’ll be back in purple and gold any time soon. When directly asked if Odom had a future with the team Jackson replied, “I think that bridge might have been burned.”

Jackson also went on to mention that despite previous statements, he believes that Odom’s marriage into the Kardashian clan could have been a great opportunity to bring structure, support, and a nurturing to the baller’s life.

The 33-year-old NBA player has been recently embroiled in allegations of drug abuse and pled not guilty earlier this month to DUI charges. In addition to his legal woes, Odom has been estranged from his wife of four years, Khloe Kardashian.