Utah Jazz Apologize For Re-Tweeting Blackface Fan Pic


On Sunday night, the Utah Jazz posted the photo above of two fans dressed up for Halloween as legendary duo John Stockton and Karl Malone.

The Jazz must have had a most epic brain fart in history if they didn’t think anyone wouldn’t find it offensive.  The post was quickly deleted, and the Jazz quickly tweeted this apology:


The appearance of blackface on an official NBA account predictably drew backlash from fans and non-fans online. But the Jazz are actually just the most recent in a long line of public figures to land in hot water for racially insensitive Halloween choices.

Actress Julianne Hough was recently slammed after dressing in a blackface costume this weekend. Hough dressed up as a character from the show ‘Orange Is the New Black’ for a Hollywood Halloween party, leading to widespread criticism. Daytime TV queen Wendy Williams called Hough “ignorant” for her get-up.

Lesson learned this Halloween season, don’t dress in blackface!