Wendy Williams Vows To Eat Crow If Kanye And Kim’s Marriage Lasts Over 72 Days

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The world’s notorious television gossip girl, Wendy Williams, has talked herself into a situation which might end in her stuffing her face with crow. Yes, crow as in the bird. On June 24, Wendy told her viewers that if Kanye West and Kim Kardashian got married, she would eat the ominous bird on her show… with plenty of hot sauce?

At least she has experience eating squirrel…

Wendy goes on to quickly add that an engagement is not a wedding, and she will abide by her vow to eat crow once the couple has been married for 73 days. That is one more day than Kim’s union to former husband and current NBA player, Kris Humphreys. Let’s see if Kim and Kanye take her up on the challenge!

Watch as Wendy officially announces the vow on her television show below:

(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Nickelodeon)