“Yeezus” Fans Complain About Last-Minute Cancellation


The “Yeezus” tour started with a big bang with Kanye sporting a shirt with a full-body photo of his baby mama, Kim Kardashian, nude.

It was worn as a promotion for the seven-week concert series which began with a 2-hour delayed opening show in Seattle due to a stolen equipment truck. The second show in Vancouver was flat-out canceled right before showtime with the excuse being “unfortunate circumstances for everyone involved.” Fans took to their Twitter pages to complain about wasted travel expenses and missed work days, while others thought the arena’s Twitter page had been hacked and the tweet was a joke.

I mean, this had to be a joke… right? Yeezus!

“Sorry, we’re disappointed too. But no hackers here,” the venue wrote in response. “So sorry to hear. Unfortunate circumstances for everyone involved.”

Kanye has not explained the reason for rescheduling the tour dates, but the new schedule is posted on his official website here. His Seattle concert featured a 60-foot tall mountain set, dozens of female dancers, a Jesus Christ lookalike and West wearing various masks for a majority of the two-plus hour set.