Nicki Minaj Debuts Exclusive Fashion Collection


Nicki Minaj performed on ‘Good Morning America’ on Wednesday, Oct. 16, to launch her exclusive fashion line for Kmart and The collection features crop tops, patterned leggings, clutches and many other bejeweled items starting from $3.99. She said Chanel, Versace and Herve Leger were among the inspirations for her line, which will be available at Kmart stores before the holidays.

Nicki stressed the importance of all her clothes being both affordable and fashionable: “It’s very important that I’m not just slapping my name on something. It’s important that my fans are going to know that if Nicki is putting it in her line, then Nicki is going to be wearing it.”

The 30-year-old celebrity said she created the clothes for the typical women who want to feel beautiful and sexy. “Any woman can wear it and feel confident,” she says. However, it’s going to take extraordinary confidence to rock a skin-tight mini dress, tie-dye leggings and bedazzled captain hats… but it also has other items with sort of an H&M feel, so maybe this will sell well.

Check it out below and let us know what you think about Nickis new fashion line?