Queen Latifah Offers Job to Woman Behind ‘I Quit’ Video on Her Show

queen latifah i quit

It turns out saying “I quit” in spectacular public fashion was a great way for Marina Shifrin to find a new job.

A week after she posted a YouTube video of herself announcing she was quitting her job at a Taiwanese animation company, the 25-year-old was offered a new one by rapper turned actress turned talk-show host Queen Latifah.

Shifrin’s video of her “interpretive dance” to Kanye West’s “Gone” as she tells her boss “I quit” has received more than 11 million views, but it was also clever enough to impress Queen Latifah. On her show Wednesday, she offered Shifrin a job as a digital content producer for her website.

“I want to be surrounded by cool, creative, interesting people,” Queen Latifah said on the show. “With your experience, maybe I could create something called ‘digital content producer?’ Do you think that might be something you’re interested in?”

Shifrin, who is also trying to become a stand-up comedian, couldn’t believe it.

“Are you doing a stand-up joke right now?” Shifrin asked. “Yeah I’m interested!’

She and Queen Latifah then went backstage to talk further about the job after the segment.

Shifrin previously worked at Next Media Animation in the U.S. and in Taipei before making her resignation video at 4:30 a.m. while in the office one morning last month. She had been planning to leave the company when her year-long contract was up, but accelerated that departure with the video. She initially only shared the video with family and friends, but then decided to post it on YouTube and emailed the gossip site Gawker about it after a disagreement with her boss.

In the video, she labels Next Media Animation an “awesome company,” but also complains that her boss only cares about the quantity of videos and how many views each one gets.

“I do care about views, because advertising pays the bills … but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about quality,’’ her former boss, Michael Logan, told NBC News. The company responded to Shifrin’s video with a video of its own, in which, also to the tune of “Gone,” dancing employees offer Shifrin their good wishes and announce that the company is hiring.

Watch the clip of Shifrin on ‘The Queen Latifah Show’ below!