CNN’s Don Lemon Gets a Buzz Cut

don lemon hair

CNN newsman Don Lemon has taken to Twitter to show off an edgy (and possibly Fresh Prince of Bel-Air-inspired) new haircut.

The 47-year-old anchor posted a close-up pic of his high-top buzz cut with the caption, “New haircut. Too long for TV news? I kinda like it. #HarlemBarbers.”

He also posted a pic of the back of his head, showing V-shaped razor lines cut into his hairline at the top of his neck. “Oh, and here’s the back. Yep. #HarlemBarbers. (at Harlem Masters Barber Shop),” he captioned the photo.

Needless to say, the edgy, young new look set Twitter into a frenzy of reactions, including the use of the trending hashtag #DonLemonLooksLike. Lemon responded to the Twitter commotion, writing, “Woke up to #DonLemonLooksLike trending. REALLY #blacktwitter?! Can a brother just get a haircut?!!”

He added, “Must admit #DonLemonLooksLike is damn funny. Own family busting on me. Touché #blacktwitter.”

One thing’s for sure: Lemon’s new ‘do will sure spice things up on CNN’s broadcasts!

don lemon hair1