Lamar Odom Avoids Prosecution From July Paparazzi Attack

Lamar Odom hits a photographers car with a piece of metal and takes camera gear from another photographers car

Lamar Odom will not be prosecuted for his incident with paparazzi last month. When he was repeatedly harassed by photographers on the rumors of cheating on his wife, Khloe Kardashian, he took to throwing two photographer’s camera equipment out of their cars and into the middle of the street. Apparently some very expensive camera equipment was broken in the process, and the cameramen were angry.

Originally, the L.A County D.A referred the possible felony charges to L.A City Attorney under potential misdemeanor vandalism charges, but luckily the professional basketball player seemed to have dodged a bullet this time. He agreed to pay damages for the broken gear, but as an alternative to a trial, City Attorney will hold an office hearing with both the photographer and Odom where they will discuss rights and responsibilities before the whole situation can blow over.

We’re sure the two can work out their differences; after all, Odom was nice enough to pose for a picture with a fan in the midst of his tantrum with the paparazzi.