Fruitvale Station’s Michael B. Jordan In Talks To Star In Rocky Reboot

"Fruitvale Station" New York Screening

Director Ryan Coogler is in the midst of studio conversation for directing the seventh film for the Rocky saga called ‘Creed’ with Sylvester Stallone reprising the role of Rocky Balboa as a retired fighter-turned-trainer. There are talks that Coogler will be casting Michael B. Jordan from his multi-award winning film ‘Fruitvale Station’ to play the grandson of Apollo Creed. Stallone, who has been heavily involved in a stage musical, loved the idea of bringing back his signature screen character.

The film is set to display the life of Apollo Creed’s grandson, who was raised in an upscale home due to the success of his grandfather. He doesn’t box, neither does his family want him to, but he hones the natural instincts and potential that made his grandfather the heavyweight champion until Rocky Balboa took his crown in 1979’s ‘Rocky II.’

Coogler intends to plug back into the mythology of the first three Rocky films, and then bring it back to present day.

The deal is being finalized by WME, which reps Coogler, Jordan and Stallone.