Prince Jackson Testifies About Life With Michael


In the Jackson family’s wrongful death suit against AEG Live, his 16-year-old son Prince Jackson revealed personal details about his life during his testimony and told stories about what it was like to grow up with his father, the King of Pop. Home movies of Prince and his siblings were showed throughout his testimony.

He told jurors today, that his dad was excited about his upcoming “This Is It” tour, that was being produced by AEG Live, but Michael Jackson had problems with AEG and would say, “They’re gonna kill me … they’re gonna kill me.” Prince also provided chilling details about his interaction with Dr. Conrad Murray and the day Jackson died four years ago.

Lawyers for the Jackson family are trying to prove AEG pushed Michael mercilessly and that, combined with Murray’s bad medicine, cost MJ his life.

Pictured: A courtroom sketch depicting the testimony of Prince Michael Jackson, son of late pop star Michael Jackson, during Katherine Jackson’s negligence suit against AEG Live, is pictured at Los Angeles Superior Court in Los Angeles, California June 26, 2013.