Beyonce Fans Outraged Over Designer Roberto Cavalli’s Fashion Sketch

beyonce roberto cavalli

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It seems Beyonce’s body proved too bootylicious for fashion designer Roberto Cavalli.

A press release was sent out by the fashion house on Tuesday featuring the 31-year-old pop singer in a gorgeous, flowing multi-coloured silk gown with many embellishments and cut-outs that he designed exclusively for the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.

However, the singer’s natural, voluptuous body had been reduced to an obscenely skinny size, with her thighs nearly as thin as her arms.

Fortunately, the press release also included photos from the actual concert, showing the differences between the digitally-altered Beyonce and the real-life star.

While fashion sketches regularly use elongated figures, the image appeared to be a strange Photoshop picture rather than a hand-drawing.

The digitally altered photograph triggered dozens of comments from outraged fans after it was posted on the Roberto Cavalli Facebook page – with many suggesting it portrays an ‘unrealistic ideal’.