Serena Williams Wins French Open

2013 French Open - Day Fourteen

Serena Williams won her second French Open with a strong 6-4, 6-4 victory over Maria Sharapova on Saturday at Roland Garros.

Williams is now one of only four women to have won all four Grand Slam tournaments twice (Martina Navratilova, Steffi Graf and Chris Evert). After battling health problems, she is happily back on top.

In a very competitive final, Sharapova broke Williams twice and played her best complete match against the 31-year-old American in years. As well as Sharapova played, Williams was on a fierce competitive high that could not be denied. Williams served 10 aces and hit 29 winners. Most important, Serena held her nerves in this crucial match, which has failed her time and time again in the past.

“Eleven years ago, I didn’t think I’d still be playing,” Williams told NBC’s Mary Carillo. “I never thought I would play past 28 or something, but, hey, I’m still here.”

“I just feel so good.” she told Carillo. “This was the only one that I haven’t won more than one [time] and now I have multiples of every major, singles and doubles. It just feels really good. I’m really, really, really pumped.”

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