Facebook to Crack Down on Hate Speech Posts


Facebook will tighten its policies on hate speech posts after a coalition of activist groups launched a campaign to highlight the volume of such content on the site.

New steps that the site will be taking, effective immediately, include an update to the guidelines that Facebook user operations team members follow to better recognize reported hate speech materials, and an effort to work more closely with “legal experts and others, including representatives of the women’s coalition and other groups that have historically faced discrimination.”

Users have always had the ability to report or “flag” Facebook content for investigation when a post is perceived to violate community standards.

On May 21, Women, Action & the Media, the Everyday Sexism Project and author and activist Soraya Chemaly went public with a campaign to call on Facebook to stem gender-based hate speech on its site. Supporters have since sent over 60,000 tweets (with the hashtag #fbrape) and 5,000 emails.

“[We’re now helping Facebook to remove] any kind of content that is glorifying or attempting to normalize violence against women,” Jaclyn Friedman, executive director of Women, Action and The Media (WAM), told ABC News.

The WAM website shows some examples of posts that the new coalition of groups working with Facebook hope to put an end to.