Janae Hornsby, 9, Among Fatalities Of Oklahoma Tornado


Among the many tragic stories of the Oklahoma’s tornado is the story of nine-year-old Janae Hornsby.

On Tuesday morning, Joshua Hornsby received the shattering news that his daughter Janae was one of the victims of the Plaza Towers Elementary School destruction from the tornado.Janae was reportedly in the basement of the school when the tornado struck.

Joshua Hornsby describes his daughter as “a ball of energy, a ball of love.”

Of the 24 fatalities from Monday’s tornado, Janae’s name was the first to be announced to the public.

“There is no other kid like her,” says Janae’s aunt, Angela Hornsby.

A single father, Joshua said he was running errands in Oklahoma City when he got learned about the Moore tornado’s expected landfall. Before learning of Janae’s death, Joshua had gone to a shelter for parents still searching for their families.

“My heart sank and I was just praying, hoping that everything was okay, and that my little girl would be out there with all the other kids,” he said.

Hornsby is keeping a positive outlook and promised to “keep pushing on like I know she would want me to do.”