Family’s ‘Exorcist’ Dance Performance on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’


Former ‘So You Think You Can Dance‘ contestant Hampton ‘Xcercist’ Williams might have been booted off last season’s competition, but he made a momentous return last night along with his family!

“I can take your pain and your fear and I can interpret it, and you won’t have it anymore”, proclaimed dancer Hampton “Xcercist” Williams at last season’s ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ auditions. After making this eerie statement he proceeded to perform a dance piece that brought the crowd to tears. With each beat his limbs moved fluently like a pen against a paper telling an inspirational story that brought his audience to life, hence the name “Xcercist”.

But now, his return in season 10’s auditions yesterday gave viewers yet another tear-jerking and heart-warming surprise.

When Nigel Lythgoe asked his adorable four-year-old daughter if she would dance for them, she confidently took the stage alongside her father and mother. Their artistic display of family unity brought the crowd to their feet and advanced them to the next round, giving them three tickets to Las Vegas.

This performance is definitely a must-see, so do yourself a favor, grab a Kleenex and watch!