Kerry Washington Receives Honorary Doctorate

kerry washington gwu

Earlier this week, Scandal star Kerry Washington received her honorary doctorate degree from alma mater George Washington University.

Although the Scandal star has walked the red carpet more often than the halls of a university in the past few years, her accomplishments are definitely worthy of such a noble gesture. In 2005, Washington won an NAACP image award for Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture and more recently an NAACP image award for her supporting role in Django Unchained. Proving herself as an outstanding actress Washington landed a starring role on ABC’s Scandal making her the first African-American woman to headline a television show since 1974. Washington’s resume doesn’t just end at actress she’s also an active member of V-day (an organization that brings awareness to violence against women) and she was appointed a to the President’s Committee on Arts and Humanities by President Barack Obama.

It is safe to say that Kerry has definitely earned the title of Dr.Washington, and she left George Washington University’s graduates with this inspirational quote, “You and only you alone are the only person who can live the life that you can write the stories that you were meant to tell.”

(Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images)