Wilcox County High School Has First Integrated Prom


The Wilcox County High School finally pulled off their first integrated prom and it appears that fun times were had by all.

A small group of friends, two black, two white, Stephanie Sinnot, Quanesha Wallace, Keela Bloodworth, and Mareshia Rucker, pulled it off! The flyers they had torn off walls, the lack of support from the governor and parents, did not stop them and they partied TOGETHER at their prom.

They received donations and those interviewed by reporters at the prom were elated by the fact that they were able to pull it off and the function felt like a surreal moment. Those involved in the support of this prom and those senior students who actually attended the prom, can take this victory into their future knowing they can make things happen. Change has come to Wilcox County High.