President Obama Hosts 2013 White House Science Fair


President Barack Obama will host the annual White House Science Fair that celebrates the achievements of young high school and college students who entered and won various science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) competitions nationwide. The fair will feature ingenious creations, such as a manually operated water sanitation system, a mobile app that helps babysitters and nannies care for young ones, and more.

Some of the featured students are Kiona Elliot from Oakland Park, Fla., who worked alongside classmate Payton Karr, 16, to invent a bicycle pedal-powered water filtration system.The Northeast High School students say their device is transportable and can be operational and ready to move under an hour. The system can clean contaminated water, hydrating up to 30 people in a 15-hour period.

Memphis teens Wesley Carter and Darius Hooker, were both part of an aviation program at Wooddale High School. While in the program, the “fly boys” studied for pilot licenses and learned about rocket science. The young men, with the help of community support, went to Washington to enter the Team America Rocketry Challenge. Carter and Hooker had to propel an egg in to the air and have it descend back to the ground unbroken in 60 seconds time. Hooker is studying aircraft mechanics license ahead of taking college courses before taking a position with FedEx. Carter is currently enrolled at Middle Tennessee State University.

Anthony Halmon a young Father reared in the tough streets of the windy city. Instead of letting early fatherhood keep him from his dreams, Mr. Halmon became even more determined to use education as his pathway to success. As the CEO/Founder of “Thermofier,” Halmon’s clever combination of a pacifier with a built-in thermometer and soothing gel will ease the concerns of parents trying to monitor the health of a fussy baby. The 19-year-old will be entering Cornell University this fall.