Father of Slain Florida Teen Fights for Push to Repeal “Stand Your Ground”

Now that the father of 17-year-old Jordan Davis has buried his son, he is turning his grief and anger over the high school student’s shooting death into a crusade against guns and Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground law.

“The first goal is to get Stand Your Ground repealed because that law emboldens people to carry firearms and to use them if somebody looks at them sideways,” Ron Davis said.

His son, an unarmed black teenager whose story has parallels with that of Trayvon Martin, another Florida teenager shot and killed by a man arguing self-defense, was gunned down on November 23 by a white man when a dispute over rap music in the parking lot of a Jacksonville gas station turned deadly.

“I shouldn’t be able to end your life, end the life of your children, end the life of your family members, just because I misinterpret your actions,” said Davis, a Jacksonville resident and retiree from Delta Airlines.