Jordin Sparks’ Acting Career Gets Bright Start In ‘Sparkle’

Celebrities are a lot like bottled water. Some are disappointingly flat, while others are sparkling.

Jordin Sparks is definitely of the bubbly variety, and her natural effervescence pours forth even on the phone.

Given her name and personality, it does seem like destiny that the youngest American Idol winner ever, now 22, would make her film debut in the title role of Sparkle, a remake of a much-loved 1976 tune-filled drama about sisters who form a singing group. It opens Aug. 17.

“It’s funny,” she says. “When I saw the script in my inbox and it said Sparkle, I thought, ‘For real? It’s really called Sparkle?’ I was wondering, too, how does ‘Jordin Sparks as Sparkle’ sound?”