Michael Vick Hopes to Set the Record Straight, Inspire Youngsters With His New Book

Fresh off of getting married, the next step in the always-intriguing saga of Michael Vick is arriving in the form of a book. His autobiography, Finally Free, is available for preorder, and Vick, the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, says he hopes it inspires young kids while also giving folks a look at who he really is, all in hopes that they’ll shape their own opinions of him from it.

Vick, who spent nearly two years behind bars for his role in an illegal interstate dog fighting ring, says he believes God put him in a position where he was forced to change his lifestyles and habits. The book will officially be released in September.

Michael Vick joined Fox Sports Daybreak to discuss why he decided to write an autobiography, what it was like when he went to prison, where he thinks things got off track in his young adult life, how he doubted his future when he was in prison, and the Eagles hoping to rebound from their 2011 disappointment.