Zumba Fitness Poll Declares Will Smith As The Dad With The Best Moves On The Dance Floor

According to a new Facebook survey by Zumba Fitness, the global multimedia fitness leader and creator of the acclaimed Zumba® dance-fitness workout, “Men in Black 3” star, Will Smith, by far has the best moves on the dance floor. The star, known internationally for his work both in film and music, proved that after all these years, he can still get jiggy with it – beating out tough competition from the likes of Mario Lopez, John Travolta and the man with all the moves, Mick Jagger.

In honor of the upcoming Father’s Day holiday, Zumba Fitness compiled a list of ten celebrity dads, choosing the fathers whose fancy footwork has helped secure them a name in the dancing arena.  Once chosen, voting was opened up to the public – allowing consumers to choose which of the ten fathers deserved the top spot in the dancing category.

“Whether you’re male or female, child or adult, dancing remains as one of the world’s most popular activities for getting fit and having fun,” said Beto Perez, creator of the Zumba Program. “With Father’s Day right around the corner, we wanted to pay tribute to all of those dads whose moves on the dance floor have inspired millions of people around the world to break out their dancing shoes and join the party!”

With more than 1,000 fan votes, the following list reveals how Zumba Fitness dance enthusiasts rank their favorite Hollywood fathers’ dancing skills:

1.    Will Smith – 41% – Exploding into the public eye in the 1980s, Smith danced, rapped and acted his way to fame – becoming a household name with his successful run in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and following it up with roles in “Independence Day,” “Ali,” and the “Men in Black” trilogy

2.    Mario Lopez – 15% – Lopez danced into our lives as A.C. Slater on “Saved By The Bell” and has been dancing ever since – from “Dancing with the Stars” and “America’s Best Dance Crew” to “Extra” and Broadway’s “A Chorus Line”

3.    John Travolta – 14% – Grooving his way into the spotlight in the 1970s with roles in “Grease” and “Saturday Night Live,” Travolta has been ‘staying alive’ ever since – dancing through the decades with one hit movie after another

4.    Ricky Martin – 13% – From Menudo and pop superstardom to raving reviews in Broadway’s “Evita,” Martin salsa’d his way to international fame, while showing us just how ‘loca’ life could be through his sensual moves on the dance floor

5.    Usher – 8% –Rising to fame in the 1990s with his 6-time platinum album, “My Way,” Usher is now internationally known as the DJ who’s smooth voice and slick dance style has had us falling in love again and again, and again

6.    Jon Bon Jovi – 3% – He may give love a bad name, but Bon Jovi’s career has not been livin’ on a prayer. Ever since hitting the music scene in the 1980s, this rock star has been serving up timeless hits that will have even the worst dancers up out of their seat, and rocking out on the floor

7.    Hugh Jackman – 2% – From Broadway to the silver screen and beyond, Jackman is one of Hollywood’s hottest triple threats – singing, dancing and entertaining his way into our hearts with films such as “X-Men” to upcoming adaptation of “Les Miserables”

8.    Kevin Bacon – 2% –  As one of Hollywood’s most recognized actors, Bacon has had a sizzling hot career, starring in cinematic classics such as National Lampoon’s Animal House, Tremors and Footloose, where he showed off  that in addition to his acting chops, he also had some impressively, fancy footwork

9.    Tom Cruise – 1% – From the moment Cruise first busted his signature moves in the 1983 classic “Risky Business,” the American public was hooked! Nearly 30 years later, this Hollywood top gun is still stealing our attention with lead roles in films like the upcoming summer blockbuster, “Rock of Ages”

10.  Mick Jagger – 1% – If Rock & Roll had royalty, Jagger would be the King.  Showing off his moves on stage since he founded the Rolling Stones as teenager, the legend has  inspired countless musicians including Maroon 5, who’s song “Moves Like Jagger” skyrocketed through the charts – becoming a worldwide best-selling single