Mariah Carey’s Estranged Sister Alison Begs Her To Get In Touch After Kicking Drugs

As Mariah Carey’s husband Nick Cannon uploaded another adorable snap of their twins Moroccan and Monroe on Twitter yesterday, it would have been another difficult moment for her estranged sister Alison.

The former prostitute has come forward and publicly pleaded with the star to get in touch so she can meet her niece and nephew. Mariah and Alison haven’t spoken since falling out in 1994 over the custody of Alison’s son, after she started working the streets and became dependent on drugs and alcohol.

“They are absolutely adorable. And when I look into their eyes I see my sister’s eyes shining right back at me — the eyes I used to stare into when I would hold her as a baby.

“I just wish Mariah would let me be her sister again and a proper auntie to her children.

The pair nearly reconciled over their father’s deathbed in 2002, and last year when Alison thought she may have liver cancer, but she never heard anything from the singer.