Tracy Morgan Hospitalized; Cancels Denver Show

Just months after collapsing at Sundance, Tracy Morgan has fallen ill again. TMZ reports that the “30 Rock” star was hospitalized on Saturday for “flu-like symptoms and dehydration” while in Denver, Colorado. Morgan, 43, was set to perform at Comedy Works South at a Denver venue Saturday night, but canceled his show after experiencing sickness (full refunds are being given to ticket-holders).

HuffPost Denver editor Matt Ferner was at the scheduled comedy show, and thought the cancellation was a joke at first. “The emcee came out and told us that Tracy was feeling sick and wasn’t going to come on. The crowd thought it was a joke at first. But it quickly sank in how serious this was when the manager of Comedy Works South came out to tell us that Tracy was hoping to feel well enough to perform for the 10 p.m. show, but that there was no way they were going to let him because he was in such bad shape,” he said.