Nick Cannon Documents Health In New Web Series

Nick Cannon sits at a table in front of a dozen medicine bottles, trying to figure out a “tough,” macho way to eat a banana. He concludes that there is none, as he tries to eat healthier to improve his health.

That scene is one of the light-hearted moments the entertainer shares with viewers in his online show “NCredible Health Hustle,” which chronicles Cannon’s struggle to regain his health. The 31-year-old was hospitalized for kidney failure in January and later diagnosed with lupus nephritis, an inflammation of the kidneys.

“From there, I just figured that I wanted to document the entire process,” he said in a recent phone interview. “This process might inspire a lot of people. So getting back into shape and getting back to the way that I always was before the condition was a journey.”

He said the response to the web series, which debuted earlier this month to more than 80,000 views, has been overwhelming and positive.

“Everybody loves it and kind of respects the fact that I would be so candid,” Cannon said.