A Dreamer’s Dream: A Journey Into Black History and Future With Tyrese Gibson

In a world of tragedy and triumph, actor/musician Tyrese Gibson takes the ultimate leap of faith with A Dreamer’s Dream.  “This was a God sent vision, an idea and I was obedient and moved on it,” says Tyrese Gibson.  “I hope the messages in this tribute is embraced and received around the world.”

A Dreamer’s Dream comes on the heels of Black History Month and at the dawn of the anniversary of Dr. King’s  assassination in Memphis, TN.  A Dreamer’s Dream  poses the ultimate questions of responsibility and accountability.   Produced and directed by Tyrese Gibson and co-written with Monique N. Matthews, A Dreamer’s Dream tells the tale of a man at the crossroads of life.   At his wits end, he reaches out for answers only to be graced with the presence of the ultimate dreamer Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife, Coretta Scott King who proposes answers to some of the many plights which most Americans face today.

In addition to Tyrese Gibson, A Dreamer’s Dream features two-time Emmy nominated actor Blair Underwood, as a man in a state of pain and rage, begs to ask the question which many of us ask every day: “What are my next steps?,”  asks a troubled Blair. “This exploration into the possible thoughts and feelings of Dr. Martin Luther King and our world today, is unforgettable!” says Blair. “I’m honored to have been asked to participate.”

“This video moved me and educated me. I am so grateful to Tyrese for asking me to be part of such an inspirational project,” says Grammy winner and actress Jill Scott who voices the role Coretta Scott King. “Dr. King’s vision has NOT been forgotten.  Watching this touching video will remind us all that there is much to be done within ourselves.”

A Dreamer’s Dream asks the question as to where would we be today had Dr. King lived?  What kind of society would we be had Dr. King’s dream been fulfilled? A Dreamer’s Dream forces one to recognize the role that  s/he plays in today’s often tumultuous world.

“This was not an opportunity, it was a responsibility. We are amongst a lost generation looking for inspiration and a sense of direction.  My love and prayers will continue for the King family and all of the civil rights leaders who sacrificed everything to get us to where we are today,” says Tyrese. A Dreamer’s Dream is available through social networks: