Wanda Sykes Talks Breast Cancer

Wanda Sykes is normally full of laughter. But on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (airing Monday), the 47-year-old made a startling announcement: “I had breast cancer. Yeah, I know it’s scary.”

The comedienne went in for a breast reduction in February when she first got the news. “I had real big boobs and I just got tired of knocking over stuff. Every time I eat — oh lord,” she said. “I’d carry a Tide stick everywhere I go. My back was sore so it was time to have a reduction.”

“It wasn’t until after the reduction that in the lab work, the pathology, that they found that I had DCIS [ductal carcinoma in situ] in my left breast,” she continued. “I was very, very lucky because DCIS is basically stage-zero cancer. So I was very lucky.”


Pictured: Actress Wanda Sykes poses backstage after singer Janet Jacksons concert at the Greek Theatre on September 1, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)