Rihanna: I Don’t Want To Be A Role Model

Rihanna looks, well, glamorous, in her new Glamour cover girl shoot. (Unlike her much-skimpier outfit for a Carnival float in Barbados today!)

The pop star says she likes to get attention with her sense of style. “Getting dressed, I want to pick the most bizarre pair of shorts so I can figure out how to make it look right, or work an outfit that will make people go, “What the hell is she wearing?”

On hating drama…and perfection: “I hate drama. But at the same time, nothing bothers me more than when life’s perfect. And that’s the sick part. I just love a challenge, whether it’s a relationship, my career, clothing…”

On dealing with how messy life can get: “I think honesty is the ultimate liberation in life. People want to shy away from the truth and keep sweeping it under the rug. But after a while, you pick up the rug and there’s just way too much dirt, so you might as well just be up front about it.”


(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)