Tyrese Gibson reveals memoir

R&B singer/actor Tyrese Gibson, better known as Tyrese (Transformers 3, Fast Five), confirmed plans to release a memoir/guide Monday. Titled ‘How To Get Out of Your Own Way,” the forthcoming book covers questions like “How much do you love yourself?” and “Why do men cheat? while tackling growth and ambition..

“Most people have ambitions but they have no clear sense of direction,” Gibson says of the literary effort, due April 7. “I want to give people permission to want better for themselves and take their lives to another level. Sometimes we just need information on how to get it done.”

Part memoir, ‘How To Get Out Of Your Own Way’ is filled with personal experiences paired with reflective questions based on his popular blog piece, “The Love Circle”. Said to be “brutally honest” and “bold” in his personal revelations, Gibson’s book has already been cosigned by Will Smith.