Kanye West’s ‘Runaway’ Is About ‘Remaking,’ Performance Artist Says

Kanye West’s “Runaway” film offers an arresting brew of sound and imagery, punctuated by one dialogue-heavy scene: ‘Ye sits with a winged creature called a phoenix (played by model Selita Ebanks) as she confesses that she must destroy herself in a quest to return to her fantastical world.

“All of the statues that we see, where do you think they came from?” she asks him. “I think that artists carved them years and years ago,” West replies.

“No, they are phoenix turned to stone,” Ebanks responds. “Do you know what I hate most about your world? Anything that is different, you try to change. You try to tear it down. You rip the wings off the phoenix and they turn to stone. And if I don’t burn, I will turn to stone. If I don’t burn, I can’t go back to my world.”