Beyonce Unharmed After Car Collision

Beyoncé Knowles walked away from an incident in London early last week that involved a collision between her parked car and an approaching taxi.

While on her way into Harrods department store for a shopping visit, the taxi nearly hit Knowles, but timing saved the singer from more serious harm. Knowles opened the door of her chauffeured Mercedes Benz S-Class to exit the car, but it was swiftly torn off its hinges by the oncoming taxi.

According to onlookers, the singer was shaken up after the taxi avoided hitting her by mere inches. 


Pictured: Singer Beyonce attends ‘Samantha Thavasa / Special Meet and Greet with Beyonce’ at Studio Mouris Roppongi on October 16, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Junko Kimura/Getty Images).