VISIT FLORIDA: Jacksonville

Located in the northeast Florida off the first coast, Jacksonville is among the top 5 largest cities in the United States. This large city provides its visitors with an infinite amount of activities to enjoy from cultural entertainment to downtown attractions.

  • Edward Waters College is recognized as Florida’s first independent institution of higher learning for African Americans and is listed on the register of historic sites. This Historically Black College was established following the Civil War after the AME Church noticed the need for an educated ministry for the newly emancipated African Americans in the state.
  • Ritz Theater & LaVilla Museum is filled with an immense amount of African American culture. The theatre built in the 1920’s and hosted great musical legends such as Ray Charles. The LaVilla Museum, named after a plantation from the antebellum period, features African and African American cultural exhibits.

Downtown Jacksonville has a beautiful skyline panorama view with some of the finest building architecture nationwide. This area is the haven for all business, cultural, and entertainment happenings of the city.

  • The Jacksonville Landing is an upscale shopping and dining complex featuring 65 stores and a hand full of fine dining restaurants. The prime location is ideal for a weekend of leisure as it’s conveniently located near broadways shows and within a few miles of the hometown NFL team, The Jacksonville Jaguars.
  • The Jacksonville Riverwalk is a popular attraction located off St. Johns riverbank. Whether it’s a sunny afternoon or a romantic evening, the view from the walk captures the true essence of Florida—the beautiful oceanic views!
  • Jacksonville Beach & Fishing Pier is a seaside getaway located off the Atlantic Ocean coast. The pier is a popular fishing destination attracting thousands of people year-around. Jacksonville Beach also generates a large surfer community because of its great waves and ideal location.

Jacksonville is the metropolitan side of Florida with immaculate sky scrapers and upscale living.  A visit to northern Florida provides an alternative experience to the tropical vacation destinations in Southern Florida. For more information log on to VISITFLORIDA.COM, the official source for travel planning for The Sunshine State.

Pictured: Jacksonville, Florida Riverwalk