Gillette Civil Rights MLB Weekend returns in May

Willie Mays, Billie Jean King and Harry Belafonte will receive MLB Beacon Awards, former congressman and U.S. ambassador Andrew Young will deliver the luncheon keynote address, and the Cardinals will visit the Reds on May 15 as Major League Baseball’s Gillette Civil Rights Weekend returns to Cincinnati.

The announcement was made Wednesday at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, where the event was held for the first time last year and escalated as the newest spotlight event on the MLB calendar. In 2009, former President Bill Clinton gave the keynote speech at the Beacon Awards luncheon and the awards went to Hank Aaron, Muhammad Ali and Bill Cosby.


Pictured: Baseball Hall-of-Famer Willie Mays #24 of the San Francisco Giants throws out baseballs after being honored prior to the 78th Major League Baseball All-Star Game at AT&T Park on July 10, 2007 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Greg Trott/Getty Images)