Black Broadcasting Network Presents, ‘Raising Boys – Tips for Single Moms’

Black Broadcasting Network (BBN) will premiere its groundbreaking documentary series “Raising Boys – Tips for Single Moms” at Houston’s Angelika Theater, Thursday, November 5th. The four part opus focuses on the plight of inner-city single mothers and stars Houston-based activist, Deric Muhammad, a product of an urban single parent household himself. The premier starts at 7pm CT.

“I believe that much of the youth violence that has spiraled out of control in America’s major cities can be traced to the lack of guidance from strong fathers,” said Muhammad. “The problems start in the home and spill over into the streets. We think we can help.”

Muhammad takes you on a ride through the lives of women who are forced to pull “double duty,” playing the strenuous role of mother and father. Statistics show that some 70% of the households in America’s Black communities are headed by the female.

“Black Broadcasting Network is dedicated to enhancing the value of programming available to viewers today, and we are excited to present the premier of ‘Raising Boys,'” said Attorney Ricky Anderson, CEO of Black Broadcasting Network. “We believe ‘Raising Boys’ exhibits the type of programming BBN has in store for our targeted audience.”

This documentary is part of BBN’s strong grass roots campaign to address issues affecting the underserved age 18-34 demographic that it is determined to serve. The network will offer reality-based, solution-oriented content that speaks to the heart of the real issues facing young people growing up in today’s America. Thursday’s premier is one example of how the network plans to showcase and identify rising independent producers. BBN will host premieres throughout the coming months in major urban cities including Washington, DC, Chicago, New York and Atlanta.