Obama Calls for Service, Beautiful Dolls Answer!

On Patriots’ Day, a “Pretty . . . Philanthropic” group, will kickoff, launch and stand in civic pride! The Black Doll Affair [BDA] announces the kickoff of its third chapter and the launch of the Ambassadolls!

In a federal challenge to increase volunteerism, via the United We Serve Program, President Obama called on U.S. citizens to serve their country. In response, The Black Doll Affair is extending its mission to our Nation’s Capital.

Civil rights activists and psychologists, Kenneth and Mamie Clark are known for their 1940s “doll test” where black children were tested to determine racial perception and preference. The majority of children selected the white doll as the preferred doll and attributed positive characteristics to it and negative characteristics to the black doll. May 2007, ‘A Girl Like Me‘, the documentary by Kiri Davis, an African-American teenage filmmaker, is featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show. After witnessing Kiri’s mirror image ‘doll test’ results, Dana Hill created BDA. With the slogan, “We’re pretty . . . philanthropic,” BDA has chapters in Georgia and Florida.From fashion models to role models, the black women of BDA are Black Dolls. Their motto, “Be a Doll, give a doll” incorporates the importance of both inner and outer beauty. To reflect a positive self image to young black girls, they donate toy black dolls. Like Barbie’s friend Steven and sister Skipper, Black Doll Brothas {black male supporters} and Porcelain Pals {non-black supporters} are BDA costars and integral part of its all-inclusive clubhouse.

Ambassadolls are the new multiracial volunteer team of BDA. “Pretty . . . Good Samaritans”, Hill created this team of beautiful women to answer the President’s call to service and attract attention to volunteerism.

September 11, 2009, 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm, BDA will host the DC kickoff and launch party for the Black Dolls and Ambassadolls at Twist Restaurant in the Savoy Hotel [Glover Park], the party is open to the community and guests are asked to donate a toy black doll.

More information at: blackdollaffair.com