Jackson Brothers reality series a go at A&E

38482001trai_20010629_32041.jpgBefore Michael Jackson died, his brothers filmed a one-hour pilot for A&E that was supposed to include a reunion performance with Michael. But he never agreed to it, didn’t do it, and died before it could be discussed again. But sources say that A&E will go forward with a series of further episodes that will chronicle the Jackson brothers’ lives and show them grappling with Michael’s death.

An A&E spokesman declined comment; sources close to the network said the deal for a series isn’t done yet. The original A&E deal was for a pilot with provisions for a series. It hasn’t been decided whether the footage that exists will be shaped into half-hour or hour-long sessions.


Pictured: The Jackson Five, one of many musical groups which performed on ‘Soul Train’ in the 1970”s, part of the Soul Train 30th Anniversary celebration ‘Divas and Kings 2000 & Beyond.’ (Photo by 2001 Tribune Entertainment)