‘Hot Trials’ Exposes Impact of Evil Minds

As Americans catch their breaths from the recent presidential election, many minds weigh heavy with the evidence of corruption that seemingly runs rampant in politics. In his new novel, “Hot Trials”, Ifeanyichukwu Uko weaves a timeless tale of good versus evil, with the welfare of a common people at stake.

Uko invites readers to travel back to the early 20th century to the African village of Asaga. British colonization has just begun in the nation that will soon be known as Nigeria. In this setting, a community faces choices on how to advance their culture. The ultimate decisions rest with a small group of village elders. As with any governing body, there are those with the best interests of the community at heart and those corrupted by greed.

One man, Chidiebere, lives for the good of his people. He sits among the elders and is responsible for handling the community’s money. For years he has been known to act nobly and serve the people well. His enemies, Eluwa, Agbai, Azuka and Ukaegbu, are blinded by their hatred of Chidiebere and their hunger for power. They begin a sinister plot to destroy him.

As the story unfolds, the four men carry out their evil deeds and Chidiebere suffers. However, the community retaliates. The youth and women’s organizations make their voices heard and keep the village chief and the council elders aware of the outrage at the injustice against Chidiebere.

Readers will follow Chidiebere as he is betrayed by his tribal brothers. What happens in the end is a reflection of the timeless battle between those who choose to serve selflessly and those who choose to exploit the community to serve their own needs.

“‘Hot Trials’ proposes simple but effective solutions to peace, progress, and stability in the community,” writes Uko. “I think readers will find this book to be a lot of fun because it portrays the story using a different culture. When the leaders of a community put the resources of the land to the service of the people, there is development; but when they choose greed, corruption and other ill-mannered vices as their instruments of leadership, crisis and chaos will be the society’s companion as you can witness in my book, and more importantly, in our world.”

About the Author: Born in Austin, Texas, Ifeanyichukwu Uko lived many years in Nigeria before recently coming back to the United States. He currently works as a housewares sales associate at Wal-Mart and is exploring his options for earning a college degree. At the end of the day, Uko finds time to nurture his passion for writing. He is the second son of Elder and Mrs. K. U. Uche and has three brothers. As a citizen of the United States, his goal is to learn more about the environment and “write books about the beautiful and ugly things of America.” “Hot Trials” is his first book. He is 24 years old.

SOURCE AuthorHouse