Former Editor-In-Chief of The Source Magazine Releases Memoir

Kim Osorio had a front-row seat for all the biggest beefs in hip-hop, but in STRAIGHT FROM THE SOURCE, Osorio’s explosive memoir available in stores now, she thrusts herself from the sidelines of the scandalous world to the center of one of the most fiery scandals in hip-hop history.

In a culture dominated by men, Kim rose to the top, and after years in the magazine’s pressure cooker, she hit “send” on a two-sentence email that would be the basis for her retaliation claim, in a historic court case where she would be awarded a million-dollar judgment.

From her corner office, Kim got the goods on hip-hop’s hottest names: Jay-Z, Nas, 50 Cent, Lil’ Kim and more. She developed close — and sometimes intimate relationships with the artists she worked with.

But behind the scenes; the magazine’s volatile owners would puppeteer every issue. The Source even declared war on hip-hop’s highest selling artist Eminem and began the notorious assault that would send the magazine into swift decline.

After it all came to a head, Osorio was fired, but resurfaced in 2006, filing a sexual harassment, gender discrimination, defamation and retaliation lawsuit against the Source. She details the drama in this tell-all, and provides the context for a lawsuit that has shaken up the entire music industry.

Osorio’s lawsuit was one of the few cases in the past five years that established a precedent not only within the Hip-hop community but in the entertainment business as well. She was one of the many that actually had the courage to come forward and tell her story to the world. Kim says, “I took a stand for women everywhere who have been discriminated against and I won.”

Kim Osorio was the first female editor-in-chief of The Source magazine. She led the publication to some of its highest-selling issues ever before suing the magazine.

SOURCE Kim Osorio