Jamie Foxx Hosts Release of ‘Love Sees No Color’

In the midst of pre-Emmy celebrations Jamie Foxx and other celebrities took a break from gift suites and parties to support world peace and Fred Nassiri, the man behind the Love Sees No Color Foundation and http://www.iwantpeace.com. Penny Marshall, Vanessa Williams, Sofia Milos, Maurice Greene, Cheryl Burke, and many others came out to support the cause and were treated to a lavishly appointed cocktail party with a mission.

Half way through the night the 400 plus guests were directed into the Paramount Theater where they were moved by Foxx’s passionate speech about world peace before they watched excerpts from Love Sees No Color, a documentary shot in 18 different countries to promote peace throughout the world. The Agape International Children’s Choir brought the audience to its feet performing an original song written by Nassiri entitled “Dance of Life.”

Foxx closed the night with a call to action to the crowd, “I know this is LA and there are a lot of distractions, but don’t leave here and forget about the reason we are all here tonight … support iwantpeace.com and make a difference.” As the audience left the theater they were treated to a spontaneous performance given by Foxx on a Grand piano in the lobby.

After years of fast living and an extravagant lifestyle, Fred Nassiri woke up one morning and experienced a true epiphany. He realized he couldn’t buy any more houses, cars, or jewelry and decided at that moment to take a 40-day vow of silence and fasting to find his purpose. He gave everything up. He practiced meditation and higher awareness with gurus such as the Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle. He has always loved music and decided he would send his new positive message through the uplifting power of music.

This change has produced a man with an awareness and appreciation for all human kind. He has adopted villages in South Africa, traveled around the world to bring hope of peace and the end of poverty to many, and continues to do charitable work through his music where 100% of all proceeds go directly to charity.

Iwantpeace.com, is the first online portal that brings likeminded charities and organizations together to educate, gain exposure, and allow the online community to participate and donate in their unique charity and its individual platform. In addition, customized ‘peace pages’ will allow the individual, charity, or organization to build out their own idea of what peace should look like, sound like, and represent. 100% of the proceeds generated by iwantpeace.com will be donated to charity.

SOURCE Love Sees No Color Foundation