New Novel Follows Trials and Tribulations of Young Girl and Her Famous Friends

What happens when Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln and the Pope meet? Find out in “AFRICAN GIRL” (published by AuthorHouse –, the debut novel by teenage author R.R. Pravin.

Teenager Lea and her mother, Mia, have been living a simple life in Africa in the quiet village of Nathan. Their peaceful world is abruptly shattered when a prisoner is brought to be kept in their home — temporarily. They quickly discover that Nelson John Walker is no normal prisoner — he is Nelson Mandela in disguise and has been sent to exile in Nathan.

When Nelson disappears and Lea is kidnapped and sold into slavery, Mia will stop at nothing to get her daughter back. Together with her neighbor, Boa, Mia bravely faces harrowing trials and tribulations, including imprisonment with Nelson, to bring her family back together.

Nelson, Boa and Mia are shipped to America as slaves, but Nelson and Mia manage to escape their captors. They are unaware that Lea has been adopted by a white family and has started school, made friends and acclimated to a new life. Her new best friend, Tina, proves to be an inseparable companion and their adventures culminate in a trip to New York to attend a demonstration against slavery.

When Tina and Lea arrive in New York they hear Nelson Mandela, the Pope and Abraham Lincoln speaking against slavery. Will Mia be able to find them? Will Boa be rescued from slavery? Shots are fired! Pandemonium ensues. Discover how it all ends in the action-packed pages of “AFRICAN GIRL.”

About the Author: R.R. Pravin was born in Singapore in 1992. He was educated at St. Andrew’s Junior School and is fully fluent in English. He is the recipient of the 2007 Distinction Award from the annual New South Wales writing competition and completed “AFRICAN GIRL,” his first novel, at the age of 14. He intends to publish poetry and short stories in the coming months. Pravin’s father passed away in early 2008 and he has dedicated this book to him. He currently resides in Singapore with his mother and brother.

SOURCE AuthorHouse