Robert Townsend and Global Nonprofit Launch Public-Purpose Multimedia Studio

Global nonprofit One Economy Corporation and actor, producer, and director Robert Townsend have announced the creation of the “V Studio,” the Virtual Studio for Public-Purpose Media ( The multimedia studio is a hub for the creation and development of informing, engaging media that has the defined purpose of assisting the American public in relevant matters of health, welfare, and safety.

Robert Townsend, renowned for films including The Meteor Man, the Five Heartbeats, the Parenthood, and Hollywood Shuffle, will provide creative direction to the studio and serve as its president. One Economy, a global nonprofit that uses innovative technology to give low-income people the tools they need to enter the economic mainstream, will initially focus on U.S. distribution and will work toward developing a global audience across platforms, including cell phones.

“We will be creating content like none other, content that truly helps people,” said Robert Townsend. “If we make it fun, easy, and accessible, everyone will want to be a part of this journey.”

The V Studio will recruit volunteers and talent from around the world to lend their expertise to this cause. The studio is headquartered in Los Angeles.

V Studio content will air on the Public Internet Channel ( Launching this summer, the Public Internet Channel is a next-generation, public-purpose online network. Everything on the Public Internet Channel is relevant, current, accessible, and, whenever possible, local—always with a clearly-defined public purpose to inspire, inform, and engage, while giving people the tools they need to take action.

“In many ways, the Public Internet Channel is realizing the potential of television—combining compelling programming with a launching point into localized, relevant information. With a broad group of partners and producers, we will create opportunities and help people take action,” said Rey Ramsey, One Economy chief executive officer.

The first V Studio production will air this winter.

SOURCE One Economy

PICTURED: Actor Robert Townsend arrives at G-Capp Presents ‘Three Generations of Fonda on Film’ May 12, 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia.

(Photo by Annette Brown/Getty Images)