Premiering at the 8th Annual Hollywood Black Film Festival


Sarbane’s Oxley is a powerful, genre-bending tour-de-force that is set against the backdrop of today’s top business headlines and highlights the lives affected by the acquisition of a financial technology startup on Wall Street.

Robert (Shane Taylor) is an ambitious attorney who is on top of the world. He is the star at his office, on the fast track and engaged to his soul mate, the captivating Christian, (Noelle Neglia). Life could not be better. That is until Robert’s company is abruptly acquired by a larger firm run by the powerful and controlling Arthur (Ian Jarvis). What follows is a sordid web of lies, greed and betrayal that threatens to destroy Robert’s professional life and the world around him. Robert must grapple with his inner conscience and the invisible forces of corruption surrounding him while dealing with the equally challenging and deceptive forces taking hold in his sordid love life.

Directed in arresting fashion by Haitian filmmaker Ramcess Jean-Louis, Sarbane’s Oxley features a multi-dimensional ensemble cast and combines drama, humor and suspense into a powerful crescendo leading to a stunning finale. The piece smartly unites the corruption of “Wall Street” with the sexual mischief of “Sex, Lies and Videotape.”

Loosely titled after the law put in place to prevent the hidden corruption that has destroyed corporations like Enron in recent years, Sarbane’s Oxley shows what truly happens in the shadowy world of corporate non-disclosure and sexual deception: people get hurt.

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