Global Grind Reveals Governor Rendell/Minister Farrakhan Video

Russell Simmons appeared on Fox News this morning bringing attention to a video shot of Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell praising Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam in an effort to correct inaccurate and unbalanced reporting concerning the news media and its coverage of the 2008 presidential campaign. Taken during then-Mayor Rendell’s term, at a time when the Mayor needed to make inroads into the black community in an effort to solve racial tensions, Minister Farrakhan became his vehicle. Video now available at Praises-Farrakhan (To view the preceding link, please copy and paste it into your Internet browser) “I do not fault the Governor for his choice,” emphasized Simmons this morning. “But, by bringing to attention this video, I hope it will promote balance, fairness and context to this hurtful dialogue, which I have viewed as race-baiting, at its worst. It is my prayer that we all can rise to the occasion of promoting freedom, justice, and a better quality of life for all and avoid any further polarization of our society.”

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