Black Nurses Advocate for Health

The National Black Nurses Association or NBNA is an inspiring organization founded in the early 70’s that strives to improve the health status of all people, especially African Americans. In a world where getting the appropriate health care resources to those truly in need of first-rate treatment can be more than challenging, the NBNA is a beacon of hope for meeting the up to the minute health care needs of African Americans and other minority groups.

A non-profit organization, the NBNA Inc. was first organized by a former Dean and Professor of Nursing at the famous Tuskegee University in Tuskegee Alabama in response to concerns regarding the inequalities in health care for African Americans and seeming lack of national voice from black nurses on issues affecting black patients. This significant organization has evolved over the decades to represent about 150,000 black nurses from the United States, Caribbean and African continent. Moreover there are 76 individual chapters within the U.S.

Today, the NBNA continues to provide a forum for black nurses to advocate for the health care needs of African Americans after investigating and defining issues important to meeting the population’s needs. Implementing strategies that ensure access to health care, equal to or even above the standards of the general population, the NBNA has committed itself to improving the quality of life of numerous individuals of African American descent in addition to other ethnic and minority groups.

Seeing a need and meeting it through diligence, hard work and study, organizations such as the NBNA exist to build up communities, one healthy individual at a time. And for the lives touched and healed along the way, this work is priceless.

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