SYNOPSIS: Perhaps one of America’s most original of gangsters, Kody, aka Monster Kody, aka Sanyika Shakur has received international notoriety.

"Monster" Kody Scott authored Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member from prison, a detail of his life as a child and young adult growing up in Los Angeles as an Eight-Tray Crips gang member. A bestselling author some 14 years ago, Kody was recently distinguished as one of the Los Angeles Police Department’s and the FBI’s "Top 10 Most Wanted Gang Members."

He was recently arrested March 7, 2007. "In the realm of hip hop culture, Kody is an iconic figure," acknowledges Wright. "He is the "American Gangster" of our generation.

As a personal friend of Kody’s, this is a project we envisioned years ago. I owe it to him to not only complete it but to continue to give him a voice. With a 6th grade education, Kody taught himself in prison, just like Malcolm X, and then went on to write a best selling novel. He is a role model for how to live and how not to live. His real live encapsulates what hip hop imagery is all about." -Billy Wright

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