Providing Strategies to Look for Love in all the Right Places

Psychologist and Life Coach Dr. Pamela Thompson will host a workshop for African American women entitled “Transformation from the Inside Out: Loving the Life You Have” on February 16th at Redemption Community Church, 965 Winburn Dr., East Point, GA 30344. The workshop is designed to impact participants with the reality of certain limitations and challenges faced by African American women in their romantic lives while also providing strategies to overcome the harshness of sobering statistics and circumstances. Workshop facilitators will serve as catalysts for more intentional self-care-in health, appearance, environment, and overall decision-making. The transforming message of the workshop is one of renewed hope, camaraderie, and perseverance in life and love with a greater sense of purpose, self-awareness, and self-respect. “Transformation from the Inside Out” will begin with a showing of the award-winning documentary “SOULMATE.” A film that addresses the subject of epidemic singleness and relationship challenges among African American women, particularly those with a Christian worldview. “Women who are unsatisfied with their love lives feel alone and isolated in their struggles and often need a ‘pick-me-up’ in the company of others sharing those struggles,” said Dr. Thompson. “This is definitely the kind of event you want to share with girlfriends, older teens or younger women being mentored, co-workers, church members or family. It promises to jumpstart a journey to the next level of thinking, being, and behaving,” added Dr. Thompson. Participants can expect to experience a thought-provoking gathering designed to nourish the mind, body, and soul in small groups after the film. These groups will offer life-changing instruction by clinically trained psychologists-turned-professional life coaches, and other experts to address issues that threaten overall quality of life, which may also magnify loneliness and confusion in relationship choices. Topics include: Abstinence Training for Single Moms and Their Children, Defeating Passive Decision-Making, Alternative Healthcare and Nutrition, Fashion Dos and Don’ts for All Body Types, and Creating Order at Home and Work. Food, fun, and fellowship are all part of the package.

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