“We Kings Too” 25 Market Comedy Tour Announced

25 Market Tour Announces the Line Up and Markets for the WE KINGS TOO Comedy Tour featuring Eddie Griffin, Anthony Anderson, J. Anthony Brown, and Capone. With success at the Box office and DVD sales of The 2000 Original Kings of Comedy which was produced on an estimated $3 Million budget, and grossed over $70 Million through its four components; Multi-city tour, Box Office Show, DVD Sales/Rentals, and Cable Television distribution. This unparalleled accomplishment prompted producers Central Sports and Entertainment to create a new tour and meet the surge and demand for high-quality comedy with audiences of all genders and races. Beginning in early 2008, the “We Kings Too” show will travel to Houston, New York, Detroit, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Baltimore, St. Louis, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Newark, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Little Rock, Los Angeles, Dallas, Oakland, Atlanta, Memphis, Charlotte, Miami, Birmingham, Oklahoma City, and Shreveport, featuring four to six act performances. Each show will include 20-30 minutes per artist lasting approximately two hours in length at venues ranging from eight to ten thousand in capacity. In place is an exceptional media campaign reaching over 100 million visual impressions.

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