Essence Magazine Presents Will You Marry Me?

ESSENCE magazine now pronounces you man and wife! In the second edition of Will You Marry Me?, six men from six different cities will share their love with more than 8 million readers by proposing to their girlfriends in the pages of ESSENCE magazine. The men will pop the questions, the women will give the answers and hidden cameras will capture it all for viewers to see and vote for their favorite couple on! On February 14th the announcement of the winning couple will be nationally televised on ABC’s “Good Morning America”! The couple to receive the most votes by Valentine’s Day will receive a lavish destination wedding aboard a Royal Caribbean International cruise ship, courtesy of ESSENCE and Royal Caribbean. They will then sail away on an extravagant seven-night Caribbean honeymoon cruise. ESSENCE received more than 300 responses from men wanting to propose in the magazine, tripling the amount of responses from last year, after publishing an ad in the September issue. The six chosen couples are Davon and Nerisse from New York City, Clyde and Charity from Washington, DC, Demetrius and Chrissy from Knoxville, TN, Greg and Carmen from Dallas, TX, Albert and Myla from New Orleans, LA and Eugene and Kendra from Atlanta Georgia. “ESSENCE’s Will You Marry Me? is a celebration of romance and real people; extraordinary love stories that begin in the magazine,” says Angela Burt- Murray, editor in chief, ESSENCE. “However, online is where the magic happens. This year we’re taking it to the next level, adding more content, and more ways to engage the reader. From the creative proposals brilliantly conceived by our editors, to the couples featured, experiencing Will You Marry Me? on will be truly amazing.” This year, the proposals became even more ingenious! Find out what happens when one woman is taken to a darkened theater for a “movie”, only to find her boyfriend pop up on the screen with an ESSENCE cover in hand asking her to marry him in front of what she learns is a theater filled with friends and family, or when another woman is surprised with her marriage proposal during an “ESSENCE karaoke party” featuring her husband singing her favorite tune, “Endless Love”. The clever and unconventional wedding proposals will be featured online at The online component will provide behind-the-scenes footage from the men’s photo shoot, video of the actual proposal and her reaction via a hidden camera and an interview with the couple immediately following the surprise. The romance doesn’t end there. The men’s proposals from the magazine as well as a responsive love letter from the woman will also be revealed on Plus, readers can enjoy photo galleries of the couples that will include pictures of the engagement ring, a guestbook, wedding and honeymoon tips, and share their own proposal stories with other readers.TV One, an entertainment and lifestyle television network for African-Americans, will feature a one-hour special on Will You Marry Me? on February 3, 2007. Last year when Corey Vandiver, Kerry Mackey, Jr., Daryle Murrell, Harold Jordan, Louie Myers, and Fasil Haile proposed to their girlfriends in ESSENCE, the innovative acts of romance made magazine history with the first-ever magazine marriage proposals and catapulted a multimedia, interactive experience that drove millions to the online home of the pre-eminent magazine for African-American women, Readers voted for their favorite couples, and the close polls resulted in ESSENCE and the South African Tourism Board sending all of the couples to South Africa for a lavish honeymoon vacation. Find out how the couples are doing now in an update on!

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