Meagan Goode is a lesbian on SUNDAYS IN FORTE GREEN


So you’re moving on from men to women, onscreen. Tell me about the film you’re working on, Sundays in Fort Greene.
It’s about a dysfunctional family—two sisters who are trying everything to not become their mother. My character is in the closet and trying to figure out how to come to terms with what makes her happy and not live under the control of what her mom wants.

How do you feel about playing a lesbian?
I was nervous but when I read the script I realized, it’s not just for the sake of being a lesbian, she just happens to be a lesbian. I’m excited.

Are there any love scenes?
There’s a little kiss. It freaks me out a little bit. I haven’t shot it yet. But as an actor I feel like, if you’re going to tell the truth about someone, you have to tell the truth.


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