Female ‘Spike Lee’ teams with the First Afro-American Film Distributor

The first time in the history of the U.S. Small Business Administration two producers were funded in Los Angeles, California. The female recipient was Sonja Dunson, producer, actress, writer, former beauty queen, former publisher and Speech Pathologist. Sonja was born and reared in Detroit, Michigan. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan. She was a series regular on three television series and has been seen in over 22 commercials.Her big break came when the SBA decided to underwrite her movie project. Sonja diligently submitted all of the requirements. In less than a month she was approved to film an interracial love story she had written entitled, “You Can’t Buy Love.” Sonja was the executive producer, producer, co-star, co-casting director, locations director and she wrote the title song, “You Can’t Buy Love.” She also co-wrote another song in the movie, “So Much Feeling In Your Love.” During the day Sonja was a Speech Pathologist and during the evening she was producing and acting in her movie. People in the music business have convinced Sonja that she should be a strong contender for an Academy Award nomination for one of the two songs she wrote. “You Can’t Buy Love” also captured the heart of the first Afro-American Film Distributor, Mr. Fred Williams of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Mr. Williams had been a theatre chain owner over the last 40 years. He also owned a chain of night clubs. Many top producers always valued Mr. William’s critiques and expertise about movies. Mr. Williams had been in the theatre business since he was a teenager, selling pop corn, ushering, projectionist, theatre manager and finally owning his own chain of theatres.After Mr. Williams screened Sonja’s movie he decided not to retire from the theatre business completely but to become a Film Distributor since he knows all of the theatre owners. “You Can’t Buy Love” is a PG-13 theatrical release. It is a love story placed in the Grosse Pointe and Beverly Hills areas involving all races of people seeking love and professional glory at any expense.

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